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Proper tree and shrub trimming is about maintaining good tree health and keeping your property and landscape safe from falling tree limbs.  Proper pruning will also enhance the beauty of your landscape while maintaining the natural shape and form of the tree.  Trimming of limbs overhanging your home can help alleviate possible damage during ice and wind storms.  

Whether it is trimming a tree for roof clearance or removing dead and diseased limbs from your tree, we can trim your trees so they look their best and retain their health all for a reasonable price. 
At Priced Right Tree Service, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for your trees' unique needs. 

We provide a variety of services including:
While it is important to maintain the health and beauty of your trees, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a tree. Some common reasons for considering tree removal are: the tree is dead or dying; the tree is irrevocably storm damaged; the tree is crowding out other trees; or the tree is hazardous. 

​Whatever your reason, Priced Right Tree Service has the experience and equipment to safely remove your tree.

Tired of mowing around that ugly stump left from a tree removal? Dead tree stumps are an eyesore and can easily be taken care of with our affordable stump grinding services. 

We will cut your stump down to size and then use our effiecient stump grinder to mulch up the rest.  The stump grinding debris is then raked into and mounded over the hole as close to yard level as the debris will allow.  Eventually the grindings will compost into dirt and leave an area where grass can be grown.
Stump grinding of large stumps can leave a lot of debris, so you may want to consider our additional service of hauling off the debris and/or refilling the hole with dirt.

Please note:  Stump grinding removes the surface stump and levels the surface for mowing.  Because the underground portion of the stump and roots are still intact, replanting of trees in the same spot is not recommended.

Emergency Storm Response

In the unfortunate event of a storm that takes down trees and causes property damage, we are immediately available to take care of that fallen tree or limb that can not wait for removal. Call us anytime for 24-hour emergency service.